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HarmonicaGallery Custom Harmonicas - The all new SLIDERBASS


George Miklas:
Welcome to a new concept in bass harmonica: the Slider Bass Harmonica! Based on Brendan Powers patent-pending TwinHarmonica System, He has scaled up the design to fit existing bass harmonicas of the traditional type. Now, instead of having to jump awkwardly between two separate units as in the past, the player can stay on one comfortable rounded mouthpiece and get all chromatic notes via a sprung slider, just like a normal chromatic harmonica. Aside from the advantages in comfort, speed and accuracy, it offers bass harp players new techniques never possible before - like legato semitone playing, slider trills and more!   

For more information, click on this link

Brendan Power:
Just saw that clip of you playing the SliderBass George, cool! I don't play bass myself, so it's great to see my creation in action by a real bass player.

Love to hear some more when you have time, BP

George Miklas:
Brendan has discontinued making the SliderBass parts. There might be a future opportunity to bring back the product, but it comes with substantial financial investment. Before I can personally commit to such a commitment, I need to collect data and survey interest.

When Brendan inventoried the parts, he charged £250 ($331 USD). The cost of installation was $200 USD. So the total cost of the conversion was approximately $531.00, above and beyond the cost of your bass harmonica because either the customer supplied the bass or else bought one to be converted.

If the SliderBass has a future, I have to buy a minimum order of 10 units, paid for up front. My SliderBass conversions numbered approximately 6-8 per year for 3 years. I'm trying to weigh the facts, seeking to find interest in the product that would make it viable for me to invest in the parts to continue to offer SliderBasses to the public.


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