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George Miklas:
If you are a Do-It-Yourselfer and are going to take on the tuning and servicing of the reed plates on your Hohner Harmonetta, then this is for you!

it is high grade compressed gasket material that is 0.4mm thick I believe. Oil and moisture resistant.

The Harmonetta has two gaskets on the inside to keep everything sealed for the best airtight operation.  These gaskets are no longer available from Hohner, but are being made by Marino Customs with oil and moisture resistant, high grade compressed gasket material. I am distributing these in the USA for $65 per set (a pair for one Harmonetta) with free postage CONUS. If you are outside the USA, please send an email to request postage to your country.

To order, send an email request to me at

Thank you,


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