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HarmonicaGallery Custom Harmonicas - Custom Built 4-Octave 4-Chord Harmonica


George Miklas:
Harmonica Gallery builds custom-tuned harmonicas. This one is a custom-built, one-of-a-kind 16-hole, 4-octave, 4-Chord Harmonica which is capable of playing four chords C, F, F#dim7, & G7. George Miklas analyzed the tuning of the CBH Chordomonica I & II (10 & 12 hole models) and then adapted the tuning scheme to fit the 16-hole model. This one-of-a-kind was built at customer request, and there are none others like it as far as we know.

Hohner USA, once located in Hicksville (Long Island), New York, is where Chinese Harmonica Virtuoso and Inventor Cham-Ber Huang (CBH) and Andy Paskas (AP) conducted research and development, creating many one-of-a-kinds and even new production models.

Most notable is Cham-Ber Huang's Chordomonica I and II, which was produced for approximately 30 years. The Chordomonica I was ten holes and had one slide. It produced four chords: C, F, F#dim7, and G7. The Chordomonica II had 12 holes and two slides. It produced six chords: C, Dm7, F, F#dim, G7, and Am. These models were available in 5 keys: A, C, E, F, and G.

A "one-of-a-kind" produced by Andy Paskas was his 16-hole BeBop Harmonica (seen in the video). Only three of these were custom-built, and they still exist in private collections. This harmonica's unique tuning scheme was developed during the mid-twentieth century and the Golden Age of Harmonica Bands.



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