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HarmonicaGallery Sales - Hohner CBH 2016 Replacement Reed Plates and Parts


George Miklas:
I have just received 10 sets of Hohner CBH 2016 Replacement Reedplates and selling for $200 per set, free shipping CONUS. Buy a second set shipped to the same address for $190.

To buy, click here to be directed to my WEBSITE CONTACT FORM. After submitting your information, I will issue an invoice for you to pay online.

I also have other parts in stock.

* 2016 Reed Plates $200 (one set), $390 (two sets)

* Plunger $35 (one piece)

* Plunger spring $20  (one piece)

* Plunger bumper $10  (one piece)

* Slide Lever $35  (one piece)

* Slide Lever Bushing $10  (one piece)

* Slide Bumpers $10  (one piece)

* Mouthpiece Screws $10 (two pieces)

International shipping information:
Priority Mail International Small Flat Rate Box (USPS-Produced Box: 8-5/8" x 5-3/8" x 1-5/8" Maximum weight 4 pounds.) $40
If your retail order is over $200, I will discount the postage $20.
If your retail order is over $400, I will give free postage.

This image from

This image from

Wow! that's the first time ~I've~ ever seen CBH parts in the raw. Good to know the we know the guy what got'em. ;D


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