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George Miklas:
I started something today, a business decision that I feel really good about. My passion is to promote the harmonica, specifically the chromatic harmonica, to children in public schools, but it also extends to all people around the world.

So today I responded to a man's plea for a chromatic harmonica in South Africa. He claimed that a new chromatic harmonica was beyond his means (mostly due to currency conversion). He was given a free, broken chromatic and wanted to buy a mouthpiece and slide. He tried eBay, but a seller refused to ship to South Africa. After a long dialog with him, I determined that his "free, broken" harmonica was too far gone since the comb had broken. Given the missing parts and the broken comb, reed dysfunction is highly likely too. So I chose to do something about this.

I am in possession of a few chromatic harmonicas that were given to me with expressed directions to give them to others. So today, I shipped two Hohner 64s to the man in South Africa, after an inspection and sanitization. One is not perfect but is excellent for him to practice and learn. The second is in perfect playing condition, and is "like new." All I asked is that he pay the shipping (First Class International $26.00).

I intend to continue this effort and will follow through as I receive requests. Of course, I will vet the requesters as best as I can. In cases where the recipient can not pay the shipping, I would like to solicit partners to help back the effort of sending chromatic harmonicas to remote parts of the world.

I expect the effort to grow. My supply of free chromatics is limited at this time and so, I will need to replenish my supply of "free harmonicas for remote regions." I will accept donated, playable, harmonicas. These harmonicas will be kept separate from my "junkyard" of harmonica parts and inventory of refurbished harmonicas. Any harmonicas received will be inspected and sanitized before being shipped to their new home overseas. If you are so inclined to donate chromatic harmonicas, please send your donation addressed as follows:

George Miklas
HarmonicasGallery Free Harmonicas for Remote Regions
639 Windingway Rd
Lynchburg, VA 24502

Thank you,

John Broecker:
Hello, George.

Bless you for your generosity.

Your idea to send harmonicas to remote
areas of the world, and to give needy
players free harmonicas after postage
fees is a true act of kindness.

The rest of us should do the same, in a
smaller quantity, in our own neighborhoods.

Best Regards, Stay Healthy


I'm proud of ya, Bro! 8)

That is such a fine thing to do.

The Lone Harper:
A very kind and generous gesture.  :)


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