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Another glue question


Ed McCullough:
I am changing the shape of some chambers in the comb. The first reason is to change the resonance inside the chambers for the F and the F#, whose valves sometimes vibrate due to resonance. First efforts with thus seem to be successful.
-. I also want to imitate those plugs that Brendan power used to sell for purpose of altering the tone color of higher pitched holes.
-. I have been a sticky putty that some people call sticky tack. See picture. Can some of you experienced geniuses suggest a glue that I can squeeze into that space? A glue that sticks to plastic. A glue that can easily be cut and carved with a small knife point.

My favorite glue is E6000, but this glue dries too hard for easy carving.

  Aleene's Tacky Glue.

Ed McCullough:
          Silicone bathtub caulk sticks to almost anything. It is waterproof. When it is dry it is soft enough to be easily cut with a small knife. It is inexpensive, and I think I have a tube of it hiding among my tools.
          Hot diggity dog

Funny you mentioned that stuff.
I just finished trimming out the window in my
shower about fifteen minutes ago, and I'm trying
to get stuff off my fingers as we speak. ;D


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