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To not lose bumper tubes

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Ed McCullough:
To not lose bumper tubes, put them onto a safety pin when you disassemble the harmonica.

Mine fit tight enough that I just keep them on the MP screws.

Ed McCullough:
My bumper tubes are safe, but I lost a tiny square nut. I will scavenge another nut from a harmonic I don't plan to lose. Maybe I'll find it tiny nut that I lost before Thanksgiving.

IMO, the nuts and screws on all Chromatics should be twice the size. I don't know what they're afraid of. I mean, C'mon! Put a decent size screw in there. And that "nut??" is an insult. I've always kicked around the idea of putting a decent size nut and screw in there. Only difference would be that I would make a stainless steel "nut" to slide into the comb body insteadda brass, but both would be about twice the size of the stuff all Chrombos come with.

Lockjaw Larry:
Age I use stainless machine screws and nuts on many of mine.  I drill out the nails in plates & combs to accommodate screws in wood combs.  No regrets.


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