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Please suggest a tuning program that I can download

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Ed McCullough:
I am using a Korg TM-50 tuner/metronome. I want to see how a tuning program works. Please name a tuning program that I can download. Name your preferred program.

Gnarly He Man:
I am using the iStroboSoft app on my iOS devices.
I like it.

Ed McCullough:
Thank you. I will try putting that into my Android telephone.

Yeah, that's an impressive stack o'stuff ya got there, Gar! 8)

John Broecker:
These FREE sites are recommended: (harmonica tuner) (harmonica tuner for
single-reed per note, or double-reed per note
harmonicas.) This website offers a FREE trial,
and a full-system tuner. (play-along; prints music) (slows down the tempo)

Best Regards, Stay in Tune



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