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Wheel bearing grease

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Ed McCullough:
Some people use Vaseline to lubricate the hole in the slide, so the spring does not wear an elongated hole in the slide. I use a spot of wheel bearing grease for that lubrication.
- my information is about working on Hohner Super 64.
- I worry about the spring jumping out and disappearing when I have the reed plates off. I cut a shallow groove in the comb for the short leg of the spring to rest in. The spring does not slide and jump out of the groove.
As an additional safety Factor against losing the spring, I cover the spring with a long piece of masking tape anytime I take the top cover plate off.

Last week I repacked the wheel bearings on my utility trailer and installed Bearing Buddies to make it easier to lube.  Not really sure if I want that blueish lithium grease on my harp ;)

Whenever I take the reed plates off my chromes, I just go ahead and remove the spring just so I'll know where the silly thing is!

Ed McCullough:
My wheel bearing Grease is red. Much prettier

The older I get (which is another pain in the cheeks, BTW) the less I like the standard slide springs. That annoying "lash" always seems to come back no matter what or how much of what I put on that spring tip. It also causes un-even slide wear (not just in the spring hole) External springs are silky smooth but ugly as a mud fence, so I think I'm gunna hafta experiment with some magnets.

Cutting the groove insn't a bad idea. As long as it is on left side. Many times a spring would crack a wooden comb on the extreme right end of a chromo. I've even seen plastic fain on that end.

Joe Athirio


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