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Harmonica Repair Guys, Sound off!

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I strongly suspect there are a lot of players on SlideMeister with Chromatics in various states of disrepair, who would like nothing better than to get a good Chromatic tech to work on them.

If you fall into either category, here's where to look, right now. It'll mean money for some, "fixes" for others and "happy" for everyone!

If you see someone listed here that you'd like to have work on your Chromatic, contact him/her off list (not on this thread please) cuz we wanna keep the thread "pure" okay? No discussion here, just a list of who, does what, and how to contact them.

Note to harmonica techs:
If you are a "current" member of SlideMeister, you may list your services here. To remain "current," you must at least sign in to your SlideMeister account once, every six months. (the same as regular members) If your SlideMeister account gets deleted for "inactivity" so does your listing on this board.

Listing a non-member, friend as a "tech" is also prohibited unless approved.


Gnarly He Man:
As some of you know, I retune harmonicas all the time--
I currently am working on a CX-12 (black, in C) that Grant (Chromaddict) had me retune to Bb, then traded me for work done (in lieu of payment).
I later retuned it to A (bebop).
It's now being retuned to D7/A--so it will be like the C7/G that is my standard tuning, but up a whole step.
What I am finding is that I mostly tune a few cents sharp, not 442 but never below 440.
The tuner I am using is a chromatic tuner--it tells you what note is being sounded, and how many cents above or below the pitch is relative to what Age would call "dead nuts on".
So 3 cents is good, up to about 10 cents.
And then I fine tune using my ear--sometimes 0 is good . . . but 3-5 is probably the best for me--

George Miklas:
Count me in!

My work bench is set up once again and I have begun taking new harmonica repair clients.  I have a plethora of Hohner donor reed plates, new Hohner wind savers.  I am currently focusing my work on chromatic harmonicas, tuning or replacing reeds, reshaping or replacing wind savers, straightening slides, and comb repairs/replacement.


I started doing maintenance and repairs - cleaning, sanitizing, conversion from nail to screw version, replacement of windsavers, adjustment of gaps and tuning - on Hohner chromatics that I bought for my own use.  I may be able to do the same for someone else's harp.  I have a website though needing a lot of updating:

Hi everyone.
Being retired from Hohner  ( after 34 years of servicing harmonicas ),I'll be glad to work on your
I service all makes , (tuning, replacing reeds, valves, setting up for best response). Herings, Seydels,Suzukis and Hohners. I am here in Maryland . Reasonable pricing.
Harmonically yours


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