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Had an idea for the main site:
A dealer rating/review page

We'll list all the dealers that we've dealt with over the years and figure a way to rate them (1 to five stars - whatever) also allow you guys to write anonymous reviews if you like.

First (to establish overall interest) send me the names (and location) of dealers with whom you have personal experience. If I don't get any, we won't do the page; simple as that.

Then we can get started on the rating system.

I successfully bought harmonicas and stuff (books etc.) at: Located in Sweden, mainly for accordeon and so. Had a wider range of harmonicas a few years ago. Still very good prices. A broad music store and a good Suzuki dealer at harmonica department. All kind of music. A lot of harmonicas.
And of course our own Danny G. Deliver harmonicas AND knowledge.
Göran in Sweden

Rockin Ron's Music 4 Less is my supplier for life. Ron goes beyond being just a musical instrument dealer; he really gives his personal attention to every order. He even called me once to tell me that he carried an item I'd mentioned on a harmonica forum, it could have been this one.

He did me a real solid once and I'm forever in his debt for that. But that aside, he's just the best, a great guy who will treat you right. I couldn't recommend him more.

When it comes time for me to purchase a new harmonica, it'll come from Rockin Ron's, and that's all there is to it.

Gnarly He Man:
Hey, J, how do you really feel?  ;D
I too endorse Ron as the go to dealer for diatonics.
I do usually recommend Danny for chromatics, since he plays one, and his experience adds value to your purchase.
That's what I say anyway  :P

David Thomas:
In Oz I would not hesitate to recommend Mandoharp an online retailer. Dane Clarke the owner of Mandoharp is a member here at SlideMeisters. Dane has an extensive range and very fair pricing plus fast  personal service.


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