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A Comb Customisation
« on: April 21, 2014, 06:05:29 AM »
I've been using my little Chroma 12 hole to test out some ideas and one of these was on how to get better response from the third octave. So here's what I did and with I think good results.

I have been using poster tack to fill the voids in my chromatic combs for quite a while now. The reason is that for me it produces a more positive or 'focused' tone. But with the Chroma I wanted to see if I could improve the response of the third octave, so again I used poster tack as a filler at the back of the comb chambers.

I have attached a photo I took of the comb with tack added to Holes 9 to 12. Since I took this photo I have gone back and added a little tack to holes 7 and 8 also and a little more to Hole 12. I think that the reason this works is that the higher the pitch of the reed, the less volume of air it needs from the comb chamber - or, to put it another way, too much air has a bad effect on higher pitched reed response.

To find the right balance for each hole involved filling and testing until I got to just amount the right amount of tack for good reed response. So the filler tapers down from Hole 12 which needed a lot back to Hole 7 which only needed a little.

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