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This is the classifieds board. While anyone can access this board and buy items here, free non-commercial, posting of items for sale is restricted to Supporting members, and paid, non-commercial ads are available for $12.00/mo to anyone, except businesses.  (see below)

Supporting members simply submit the description of your item and include up to 3 (three) photos to: and we put it up for you. Note: Remember to include your SlideMeister username when contacting us.

Any member in good standing* can post a WANT AD here by simply submitting it to  We will post it, along with your username and/or contact information. Once we do that, we (SlideMeister) are out of the picture; buyer and seller take it from there.
CHARTERMEMBERS may also link their ads posted here to their free premium ads on, where they can add audio files and embedded YouTubes to their ads.


SlideMeister members and visitors can simply use the forum's PM feature if it's available to them, or click on the seller's name. It's just a private gesture to cheat any "slimeball email harvesting" bots. ;)

This is a non-commissioned add and as such, all dealings and transactions are the responsibilities of the seller and the buyer. SlideMeister forum and its owner are not responsible for loss, damages or any other disagreement that may arise between participating parties.

Posters are required to let us know when they have either sold or bought their item(s).  All ads ("For Sale" or "Wanted") are subject to deletion after 90 days; after which you may post them again)

Questions? Send them here: contact page

members in good standing* = SlideMeister member for more than 60 days. (Unless you catch me in an extra good mood :) )

* Non-members don't have to pretend to be harmonica players and join us to sell their father's harmonicas, ;D when they can be honest about it and buy an ad for 12 bucks. ;) Your ad will run for a month and while it won't get wider exposure than it would eBay, it will be seen by more folks who are actually interested. Folks who visit here already know what harmonicas are all about.



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