Author Topic: will a Hering 12- hole MPC fit on a 270?  (Read 991 times)

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will a Hering 12- hole MPC fit on a 270?
« on: September 20, 2014, 11:51:31 PM »
I'm thinking of hole spacing more than mechanics, i.e., there might be some modification if the screw holes don't line up. But if the hole spacing is the same, it ought to be possible.

I like my Hering mouthpieces and, judging from the Hohner Koch I have, don't like the flat small Hohner mouthpiece. Recently one of my Herings got a stuck reed and I thought it was a goner, I started thinking about replacing the guts but keeping the familiar mouthpiece and slide.

I have seen Ebay sellers that offered Hering reedplates, and saying they fit the 270. So it sounds like it ought to work, but before buying a 270 I thought I'd see what you guys say.

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Re: will a Hering 12- hole MPC fit on a 270?
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2014, 12:36:03 AM »

Yes, the Hering mouthpieces will fit the Hohners. The spacings are identical. One word of caution. Well, maybe a few. lol
The Hohner flat (formerly) nickel plated and now chromed is a flat casting and it has an arc in it. This arc 'should' be about one flat toothpick in deflection. This curve is there for a reason. It exerts pressure on the mouthpiece parts and once screwed down to the prescribed inch/ounces (or Engstroms) of torque, it 'should make an fairly tight seal.

 The Hering will be a flat unit. It may not seal on the Hohner without leaving a bit of light showing through between various parts of the entire mouthpiece assembly. There are several ways to cure this. One is to flat sand the face of the Hohner's comb (remove the spring while doing this)
Another quick and dirty..if you're nasty, way is to apply a construction paper gasket. I never needed to do anything more than apply a tiny tiny bead of general purpose white glue (like water soluable Elmer's) to the seam where the light is coming through, wet a finger, run it into the seam lightly...I said lightly, wipe away excess with a damp piece of paper napkin, and let it set for 45 minutes.

Suzuki Leghorn mouthpieces will also fit. I used to use them on my Hohners at one time. Lately I have no problem with the Hohners. I tongue block but do not use a lot of pressure when holding them to my lips. Only enough for a seal..or otter.

The only part that is problematic in these assemblies are the slides. Slides can be straight tunes or cross tuned, so they won't switch out.