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Chromatic Teachers?
« on: February 09, 2015, 01:24:18 AM »
From all the Noobs out there who ask:

"Who (on this forum) teaches Chromatic harmonica, and where do you live?"

SlideMeister members who teach Chromatic harmonica are encouraged to contact me at and give me your information. I will then list your services here. Interested players/students can then contact you by email or P.M. and get together with you for lessons. If anyone outside of our membership is interested, (we have a lot of guests who read, but haven't joined) and reads about a teacher in their area, they can either join us (to be able to "contact" you) or contact us at and we'll privately see that you get connected. :) @ge

While anyone can avail themselves of your services here, only current SlideMeister members may list their services here. ;)


I have two harmonica students--
But I am available for more students--and even put up an ad on Craigslist last night to attract them.
Gnarley He Man

I teach harmonicas of all types, except the Hohner Harmonetta antique harmonica.
I live in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area.
John Broecker

I teach in the San Francisco Bay area, both privately and in classes at the Jazzschool
Winslow Yerxa

In Malaysia the prominent teacher would be :
1. Mr. Lee Nam Saw - he has taught harmonica since the 1980s
2. Mr. Soon Hock Chuan - where he is the leader for his team - Fresco harmonica
3. Mr. Owen Ho Chee Kin - where he is the leader for his team - Mastro harmonica
4. Mr. Lok Chee Tion - where he is primary harmonica teacher around Penang island.

A.J.Fedor - Not a teacher :-[, more like a "Chromatic Coach."  I can help you with ear playing, sound, technique, tone, phrasing, etc. N/E Ohio and on SKYPE.

Martin Allegro online worldwide Chromatic Harmonica Lessons.
Specialist in solo harmonica.
"Martin Allegro Solo Armonica" álbum
Classical, tango, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Bossa...
All techniques, all styles, all ages.
Martin Allegro

Ed McCullough
Houston, Texas - near the center of town.
Playing by ear or reading music.
Taking your harmonica apart for maintenance.
Ed McCullough
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