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Will The Circle Be Unbroken? (Double Bass ONLY) KEY OF C
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Will The Circle Be Unbroken? Double Bass KEY OF C
Words by Ada R. Habershon
Music by Charles Hutchinson Gabriel
Double Bass Range: C2 to C3
Tabbed for the Double Bass Harmonica
Hear it:

The Double Bass Harmonica is a Blow Only instrument.
This accompaniment can be played entirely on the Lower harp.

1. There are loved ones in    the glo – ry,
2.   In  the joy – ous days   of  child-hood,
3.  You  re –mem – ber songs  of  heav- en,
4.  You  can pic - ture hap - py  gath’rings
5.  One  by  one  their seats were emp-tied,
    L6   L6  L6   L6    L6    L6   L13  L13

1. Who’s dear forms you oft-en   miss,
2.  Oft  they told  of  wondrous love
3. Which you  sang with childish voice,
4. Round the  fire-side long a   go,
5.  One  by   one  they went a   way,
   L13   L8   L9   L9   L9   L9  L6

1. When you close your earth-ly   sto - ry
2. Point-ed  to   the   dy – ing  Sav - iour,
3.  Do  you love  the  hymns they taught you,
4. And  you think of   tear- ful  part- ings,
5. Now  the fam  - i – ly    is   part- ed,
   L6   L6  L6    L6   L8    L10  L13   L13

1. Will you  join  them in   their bliss?
2. Now  they dwell with Him   a  - bove,
3.  Or  are  songs  of  earth your choice?
4. When they left  you  here  be – low.
5. Will  it  be    com- plete one  day?
   L8    L8  L10   L10  L7    L7   L10

Will the cir-cle be un-brok-en By and by,___ by and by?
L13  L13 L13 L13 L6 L6 L6   L6 L8 L8  L9____ L9 L9  L6

Is a  bet-ter home a-wait-ing In  the sky, in the sky?
L6 L6 L9  L9  L8  L10 L13 L13 L10 L10 L10  L10 L10 L6