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Important - Read this before posting
« on: March 28, 2015, 08:31:09 PM »
NO DISCUSSION ON THIS BOARD OR QUESTIONS ON THIS BOARD. I may even lock the topic if I see it turning into a thread. :) This is where you introduce yourself to the group. Use  any of the other boards for your questions; otherwise we're cheating folks (who actually read labels) out of a lot of information by discussing stuff here other than introductions and bios. Here's where you introduce yourself, so I can graduate you to "Baby Button Pusher" that's it. In order to remain efficient, anything other than your introduction and / or bio belongs on another board, okay?


My name is Bruno, from Alberta, Canada. I've been playing the harmonica for three years. I play with a small harmonica group . . . . .  yada yada yada."

If you ask a question here, instead of introducing yourself as described above, I may even delete that question, and you will NOT receive the fifteen posting mentioned above. This means you will actually have to post fifteen times to be promoted from the "probationary" APPLICANT position to Baby Button Pusher. In all actuality, (feature wise) you're better off as a GUEST than an APPLICANT. ;)

Thanks!  :)

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