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Hijacking a thread
« on: April 19, 2015, 05:49:19 PM »
Since November 2007, there have been 17,000 topics /threads started on on this forum SlideMeister, and in those threads/topics there have been about a quarter of a million posts. :o Whew! With that said, how much ya wanna bet a few subjects might be covered twice? ;)

Over the years I've seen, when asked to help members with stuff they broke within their accounts, so I've actually gone in and looked. On many accounts, I've seen boards and topics that, for some reason, were completely untouched and never even looked at. Some members are meticulous, and others are . . . heck I don't even know what they are, so even though ~I~ like many of you, try to pay close attention to what's going on, there are others who make me wonder what they're even doing here :P  It's a balancing act kids, so I don't get too bent outta shape when stuff doesn't go down perfectly. I take plenty of "arrows" as it is for the mean ole' Rules & Regs, (which, by the way will be here at least as long as I am 8)) but I'd be even less popular if I were to "walk up and down the halls looking for knuckles to rap with a yardstick." >:(

What I suggest is that when you (we) get an idea for a thread to take a key word or two, and do a "search" to make sure there is no "current" tread that you may be "trampling" on. I can combine/merge topics but it tends to be a sloppy deal. If a thread / topic hasn't been touched for let's say 90 days, I suppose you could either resurrect the old thread or start a new one.


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