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Let's all just do a "Rodney King" here :o)
« on: December 08, 2006, 01:18:11 PM »
Re: The new "no politics or religion" discussion rule.
It's a decision I made based on both personal feelings and what we now see happening on other forums that are literally being torn apart at the seams, because of all the polarizing that's been going around of late, and we're just not gonna let that happen here! Whenever "artists and musicians" get politically active, I always seem to find their talents less interesting, and their political opinions an insult to the political process. (if that's possible) Around here, We're musicians first. (at least that's the way I want to see it) because we all have that part in common.  Face it! We don't remember Bill Clinton for his saxophone, Richard Nixon for his piano or Adolf Hitler for his paintings. Their art was all lost in their politics and other personal passions and we're not going to let that to happen here.

So I'm sorry, but  until such a time when we all get along again  :-\ we're going to just to have to talk around those subjects. (you can do it; just think of a birthday party at the in-law's  ;D)  I'm sure those of us who are so inclined can find some mindless, nut case, right wing, left wing, atheist or religious forum to frequent, but here, we'll just keep that stuff to ourselves. While issues like guns, gun control and stuff can still be discussed, just keep it to current law and not who's responsible for making that law or how stupid it is or is not, okay? Yeah, I know "Gestapo - Gestapo" but it's also a little bit of Walter Cronkite's: "And That's the way it is!"  ;)
Thanks guys!
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