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As a matter of fact, the kazoo is a sore spot with me, okay? Hey, I hate them, period! >:( The thing is as "musical" as a playing card on a clothespin slapping on bicycle spokes. I don't care what anyone else says, the official SlideMeister (that's me) definition is what's gunna have to count around here, and it goes like this:
Musical instrument - A device that produces its own set of musical notes when actuated by a player.

The kazoo only vibrates when air and a note/frequency is hummed into it. Humming is produced by human vocal cords, and that's what's pushed through the stupid thing, rendering it: a "noisemaker," AND no, I'm NOT going to discuss or argue with anyone about it. On this forum, it is not now, and never will be, a legitimate musical instrument, period! You can think what you like, and say what you like about the policy (or me, for that matter) but don't do it on SlideMeister!(Or I WILL THROW YOUR SORRY BUTT OUT!) >:(

Up until today, if you've ever tried to spell the word, correctly, in your post (and even incorrectly) it came out as "Idiotic noisemaker" cuz that's what it is. Furthermore, anyone who "plays" (yeah right ::)) a kazoo, only does it to intentionally look like an idiot, or in conjunction with a comedy routine.

I especially hate kazoos (possibly because of their size) they've somehow come to be associated with the Chromatic harmonica, and I cannot, in good conscience, be party to that kind of degrading nonsense!

Now, I have a tremendous amount of respect for the Chromatic harmonica; this group is an outgrowth of that respect. I've dedicated the last twenty-two years attempting to legitimize and possibly help lift the Chromatic harmonica from the "toy" or "comedy" realm that it seems to have fallen into, largely in part by well-meaning folks who marginalize it by putting it, and its players (that's us) in the same category with the morons who dress like idiots and make noise with a stupid kazoo in public!!

I've removed the automatic word translator for the word "kazoo," and have also added a line to the "Agreement" / rules and regs (that applicants are required to read in order to join SlideMeister) prohibiting discussion of kazoos on SlideMeister. While mentioning the kazoo is okay; any attempt to discuss it will get your post removed. A second offense will get your account removed!

Howzatt? ;D

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