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I did a search and didn't find this topic, so here it goes . . . Chime in on your experiences with the Seydel Saxony!

Well i seem to be joining every fan club LOL! But the saxony Orchestra is a nice unit. compact size, very useful range, air tight and i like the clean, clear sound right to the top of its range, which takes very little air to activate. I have the nice Matt covers.  :)

I have a nice pair of CX12s, but I'm still looking at maybe getting an Orchestra tuned, & I liked the steel reeds on my diatonic Orchestra S, so I may join you one day.  ;)

Can the Deluxe Steel be included here too, being positioned by Seydel as the little sister of the Saxony?

Thomas Wiedemeier:
Count me in. I love my Saxonette



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