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Hohner-Power #265 Slider Bass, Note Chart
« on: May 05, 2017, 01:08:31 PM »
Hello,  Slider Bass SlideMeisters.

The Slider Bass is a custom attachment to
the Hohner #265 and #268 bass harmonicas.
It's also available, custom made for the Suzuki
#SDB29 and SDB39.

The Slider assembly is made by Brendan
Power, and installed by either a certified
harmonica technician, or by the bass harp's

If you own or want to buy a Power slider
bass assembly for fitting on your Hohner
#265 bass harmonica,here's the note chart.

In the chart, all notes are exhale, written in
large letters. Some notes are "enharmonic",
where the note may be spelled 2 ways, while
sounding the same pitch. This is done to allow
all chromatic-based scales' spellings:

F# = Gb (same pitch, different spellings)

G# = Ab

A# = Bb

C# = Db

D# = Eb

We are using sharps in this chart, to show that the
slide-in button raises the pitch. If we'd use flats,
it would be to show that the slide-in button lowers
the pitch.


 In    ||  F |  F#|  G#|  A#|  B|  C#|  D#|  F|  F#|  G#|  A#|  B|  C#|  D#|   - ||
Out   ||E   |F    |G     |A    |B  |C    |D    |E  |F    |G     |A    |B  |C    |D     |E   ||

Knowing where the notes are located on the slider bass
will help in learning to play the slider bass more effectively.

Best Regards

John Broecker 

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