Author Topic: A QUICK "FREEDOM OF SPEECH" NOTE :o)  (Read 1598 times)

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« on: November 26, 2017, 06:19:16 PM »
That term has been in the news an awful lot lately. No we're not going to get political, but the term can sorta be applied to this subject. Some of you may (or may not) have noticed that certain words or phrases don't come out the same as you may have typed them in when writing your posts. It's no biggie really, it's just something SlideMeister has done since its inception some twenty odd years ago.

Turns out that certain words or phrases may offend some members of this forum, (me for one) and rather than expose them to those words and phrases, I made certain entries into the forum's software (Yep! I'm the guy what done it! :) ) that changes these words into "other" words or phrases. If you ever run across one of these "changes" in your post, it's no big deal, it simply means the software noticed that you just used one of those words or phrases, at which point you can either just let it go OR go back and revise your post.

All you have to remember is that an old, pompous, straight-laced, stuffy preacher runs this forum, and if you even suspect that you may have used a term or phrase that might get his negative attention, just be sure to hit the "Preview" button before you hit the one marked: "Post" If your post still looks good to you, just hit the one marked "Post":D

I invite you to play with it to see just how it works. Start, or even make like you're answering a post. Use all the "colorful" language you like, just be sure to hit the "Preview" button and not the "Post" button, and you'll see how it works.

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FOOL THE FILTER OR DEFEAT IT IN ANY WAY  It makes the old guy that put the thing together very cranky.
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