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« on: April 21, 2020, 12:44:17 PM »
Okay Kids!

Shocker. Henceforth, we're not going to post on the CORONA subject (suffice it to say, I kinda agree with the last one I read.::))  Think about it: The Corona discussion, by its very nature, is gunna have to turn political with most, (which it already has) and even "Religious" with some folks like me. Sure, I'd love to jump in because "I also know all the answers" ;) but, I will refrain. :-X  (and so will you)

What we see happening here (sadly) is a perfect example of why I made up those "draconian" rules when I built this place twenty years ago. The Right-Wingers, Left-Wingers (and preachers -like myself) among us, all have ALL the answers, right? ;) The problem is, they're ALL gunna fly in each other's faces. In other words, the non-musical stuff is fixin' to get political, kids, and we can't allow that. :(

SlideMeister is not Facebook or Twitter (and I'm here to see that it never becomes Facebook or Twitter) even if I have to lock the whole site down. :'( (which I WILL do) We're just a bunch of happy Chromatic players! If we can't leave it at that; we're doomed. This world needs stuff that helps to keep us happy, not stuff that divides us.  :(

Let's get real! Even if we all agree (which we don't :P) nothing we discuss here on this insignificant little group is going to change geo-politics as it is today. (Yeah, we're good, but not THAT good ;)) All we will ever accomplish by doing so is drive wedges between ourselves; and the one thing that kinda holds us all together (the Chromatic) kinda looses its "magic," and I can't let that happen.

We all have genuine passions, in all different areas. If I revealed all of mine, some of you folks would hate me. If everyone, including myself, revealed and actually acted on them, SlideMeister would cease to exist.  See how it goes?  That's NOT who we are. I still believe we have something special here; let's just stick to that. :D

Love you guys!


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