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Covid 19 Short 'n sweet. (Maybe not that short - or sweet, but final!)


SlideMeister is going to remain neutral on the Corona Virus/Covid 19 handling” subject, and SlideMeister (I guess that indirectly means me) will not be goaded or guilt-tripped into opening up this discussion. Nope! Ain't gunna happen! :-X What did we talk about BEFORE this situation? Whatever it was; we'll just have to get back to it. :)

I like to call politics: "show business for homely people," and the “religion of the un-churched"  Now, SlideMeister is not "political" and it's not “activist,” except for its attitude concerning the Chromatic harmonica, but I consider that “harmless activism.” ;)  Corona'vism OTOH, is a whole 'nother story. Not unlike politics and religion, many of us have “opinions” ::) that are in diametric opposition to those of our “musical peers,” and this is the stuff that can, and will divide us more effectively than anything else. Besides that, it's ugly, it's depressing, foments paranoia, and discussing it has a way of sucking the joy and the very life even out of healthy folks who will never even get it.  “Fear has torment” and, neither of those elements has any place here on SlideMeister. We are not going to be reduced to just another source of the daily cascade of mentally and emotionally, toxic rhetoric!

I learned, a long time ago: I am not unique! If I'm thinking or feeling it, so are others, and it's getting harder for me to keep a lid on it, :o so I know what you're going through.

Our PrayerMeister board is where “personal’ health talk belongs (and is even encouraged) but only in regard to actual prayer needs of all kinds, as in “Are there any sick among you?” Please read THIS before posting there as well. The PrayerMeister board on this forum, shows other examples of how serious, life threatening everyday, non-virus, “stuff” continues to happen, and the board has dealt with that stuff on a daily basis for many years. That’s where we can deal with Corona's "victims." (not its political aspects) Some of us are older and even fragile in many ways, and a lot of, serious and even deadly things can happen to us that have nothing to do with this virus. People, by nature, are gunna have needs, :P and that’s why the board was created, and will still be there when Corona is gone. :)

With the obvious political weaponization of the “Carona virus,” discussing it on this forum must needs become as personal as ones religion, and we ain't gunna do it here, period, except to say “let every man work out his own “solution” with fear and trembling,” and we're going to leave it at that. Discussing the various aspects of the handling of the virus will, by the subject’s very nature, have to turn political sooner than later, as anyone offering their “two cents” will draw from their own opinion (probably a bad idea ::) ) or from their bank of accumulated “talking points” gleaned from the “side of the political isle” they support, (another bad idea :P ) but that’s the way we (people) are wired. When that happens, this harmless little “music” forum can be destroyed by innuendo, hurts and bad feelings. I spent over twenty years trying to build a place completely colorblind, culture-blind and basically blind to all the things that can divide us while embracing the one thing that unites us, and we don’t wanna risk throwing that away, do we?

I wouldn't feel as bad if the posts were to drop off to nothing, than I would to hear regurgitated, Media's 24/7/365 doom and gloom. Let's just keep that stuff on Facebook or whatever, but not here, okay? This is a happy place! An escape!  A "No Covid/Corona Sanctuary." We should all be able to come here, lighten up, and get out from “under the negative faucet.”

Further Covid virus, and “veiled” political stuff will be deleted.  Sorry, but even lighthearted covid related stuff in “Banter” will be deleted. Let's just get back to the stuff that makes us smile.


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