Author Topic: Hohner CBH 2016 harmonica. ~SOLD~  (Read 521 times)

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Hohner CBH 2016 harmonica. ~SOLD~
« on: September 29, 2021, 10:40:44 PM »

Listmember John MG is offering 3 chromatic harmonicas for sale and says the following:

As I very much prefer the fuller and louder tones of the double reed plate old model Super 64X I have and have just ordered a one of the new Super 64X performance so I am looking to fund this new purchase by letting this instrument go. This comes from a smoke free home, it has been cleaned with isopropyl alcohol and has also been sanitized with my TurboHarp bug blaster

For Sale:  Hohner CBH 2016  harmonica in truly excellent condition. It plays very well. The reed plates appear very clean, I’m not sure if some valves have been changed but I had to replace one with one of the Dee’s valves.

None of the screw heads have been abused, the black body and cover plates are not discolored going grey like some I saw while looking for this instrument. The aluminum covers have no scratches at all and are both pristine. The carry case is in very good condition but some of the chrome at the very edges of the decorative strip around the edge of the case shows some small areas where the chrome has peeled off, it’s the only flaw I can find. I paid a premium for this instrument but it’s not what I’m looking for, I think it’s better suited to classical, pop and jazz music rather than the blues I play.

I paid US $350 for it a few months ago and would like to get close to $280 for it plus $27 shipping to the USA about $5 more for UK and Europe.

Contact John MG

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