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Danny G's 2022 Party Videos

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Danny G:
I'll post links to them here.
The first one is a short clip of the Sardo Brotherss leading the jam on the patio

Danny G:
First time I've heard Age playing this one

Danny G:
Here's A J Windmeyer playing a Hohner Harmonietta Solo in the competition

Danny G:
K C iis a prison minister and a heck of a harmonica player. Here he is playing in the Ohio State Harmonica Championship in North Benton, Ohio


--- Quote from: Danny G on July 16, 2022, 10:54:08 PM ---First time I've heard Age playing this one

--- End quote ---

Thanks so much Danny! For this one (Age playing Lionel Richie's 'Hello' beautifully) and the first vid of the patio jam with
the Sardo Brothers! They're my favourite people to hang with at any harmonica convention - and I spend almost all of my
time playing along with them. It's a real pleasure to see and hear Phil (who was so incredibly generous and sweet when he
made and sent me my Psardo Goldbar) playing as sweetly as he did, and Tony leading on guitar and chrom. I also loved
the ladies on violin and guitar, and Marv - another favourite person, showing his stuff. Is that an oboe? Delicious.

I've always wanted to get this kind of glimpse into your parties - and now you've provided it. Fantastic! Thanks!



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