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Top C# phosphor bronze reed choked. Please advise

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Ellis Dedá:
Dear harmonica comrades.
I need your advice on C# top note before I inflict irreparable damage to this tiny reed. I have Suzuki Sirius s-56s model that I love dearly. Unfortunately, right from the box top C# (button pressed) was unplayable. I VERY slightly increased gap, but no sound and more stray air. Next I decreased gap, again,  VERY slightly. It did produce some uncertain little off-key sound and rapidly reed choked. Strangely my Suzuki SCX-48 has the same problem. Surprisingly my Hohners are fine in this department..
Is it a typical issue with Suzuki phosphor bronze short top notes reeds? Just wondering... Please, help me with your advice.
Thank you,  Boris.

You really ought to be getting some kinda noise out of it. If not, (after adjusting the gap and the reed ain't stuck) you might want to look for a cracked reed or something.

Ellis Dedá:
Hi A.J.
Thank you for reading my amateurs whining.
After some tinkering I was able to get C#, but only after rapid switch of slider from straight C. But the note is very unsustainable and lasts only a half of a second.. I plucked reed and it didn't sound like it is cracked. Not yet.. I wish I'd knew the direction in which I should work like towards opening or closing the gap.. this reed is tiny and there not enough flexibility to survive multiple trials and errors.. For now I’m in state of panic and want to leave home before I kill my love and investment.. I know that Suzuki reeds are welded and practically irreparable..
Again, thank you for your kind support..

Gnarly He Man:

--- Quote from: Ellis Dedá on August 06, 2022, 05:27:22 PM ---Hi A.J.
Thank you for reading my amateurs whining.
<snip> I know that Suzuki reeds are welded and practically irreparable..

--- End quote ---

I fix Suzuki.
Are you in the US?

Ellis Dedá:
Yes, I'm from New Jersey. I'm so glad you stopped by. I'm fairly new to Suzuki, but Sirius really impressed me. Until Sirius I thought of myself as a loyal Hohner guy. Not anymore. And it's great to know that there is someone brave like you to deal with these beasts. I didn't find many offerings in the US on Suzuki chromatics services.


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