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John Broecker:
This is a tune that I've always liked,
since my age of 20s (mid-1970s).

I don't know who sang it, who wrote
it, or who published (recorded) it.

This tune woke me up this morning,
and it's been bugging me since then.

I do know the lyrics. The tune is a slow-
tempo waltz, probably a Motown tune,
or a Soul Music tune. I vaguely recall
that it was sung by a male singing


If you don't know me by now,
You will nev-er nev-er nev-er
Know me at all...

I'm hoping that you can name
that tune, and possibly give
more details about the music
group, composer and recording

Best Regards, Stay Healthy


"If you don't know me by now"

pretty sure that's the name of the tune, John

John Broecker:
Thanks, A.J.

I found it at Wikipedia:

"If You Don't Know Me By Now,"
produced & written by Kenny Gamble
& Leon Huff, and 1st performed in 1972,
by Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes.

It was originally written for Patty
LaBelle's group, LaBelle, but wasn't
recorded by LaBelle until later.

In the USA, it topped the USA- R & B
(Rhythm & Blues) charts, and was #3
on the USA Billboard charts.

The RIAA (?) listed it as "one of the
"Songs of the Century".

These "ghost songs", sometimes
called "mystery songs", are often
stored in my transient brain, and
seem to "pop-up" in my musical
memories, sung in my head.

Your naming of the song title gave
me a clue, a reference to the song's

Best Regards, Stay Healthy

John Broecker
The Milwaukee Mesopotamian
(I wrote The Epic of Gilgamesh)

John: 'If you don't know me by now' (you will never, never know me) is one of MY all-time favourite songs since that era
produced so many fantastic songs which have stayed in my head forever. I couldn't have said who sang it - only that it
was one of the many groups prevalent then AND since - many still touring as 'oldies shows' often with many of the original
singers (at least those who are still alive). It's astonishing just how good sounding they still are, even with the occasional
replacement singer. It's a great song - very melodic, and to me, just as fresh as if it was recorded today.


Here's the original (as sung on Soul Train):

You might also enjoy this version by Mick Hucknall of Simply Red (a group I really like and have a couple of their
albums). While they were originally considered 'pop', he actually has a leaning towards R&B/jazz and his more
recent work reflects this (at least to my ears). Really good singer - and the band is very cool. This was recorded
in 1988 I believe.  Made me enjoy the song all over again. The whole CD is great. The main song the band is
known for is 'Holding Back the Years' which put them on the top of the UK and US charts.

Here is a high quality of the song:


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