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Lone Ranger?

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I don't really hafta be the "Lone Ranger" over here; I'm sure there are others her who wake up with a particular melody in their heads like I do. 

If you're one of those strange types, ::) post it like I do on this board! If you don't want to, just click the red text below and drop me a note and I'll see if I can get it up there where others can see it.
Howzatt? :)

I have tunes running through my head when I wake up every morning. And all through the day. And last thing at night. Sometimes ones I heard recently. Ones I'm rehearsing with my groups. Ones I wrote. Ones I'm working on. So? ;)


Do what I do: post them, along with some kinda Karaoke, so we could have a whack at playing them :)

I'll take that dare. Here's a short piece with the soprano voice highlighted. Listen and play along? It's the tune that was just running in my head as background. My composition to the poem by Henry David Thoreau.


Songs or bits of songs pop into my head all the time. Back when we were all low tech, it would drive me nuts trying to remember something that I thought sounded great the day before. Now we have cell phones and computers and can record it for later study. I have woken at 3 AM and sung something into my cellphone and then worked on it the next day. I read a story about Christine McVie, the recently deceased member of Fleetwood Mac, who wrote the song Songbird. It was a big hit for them and her. She came up with the song late one night. She didn't want to forget it, so she stayed up all night playing it, and in the morning drove to a nearby recording studio and recorded it.


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