Author Topic: Partial chords in Chromatic harmonica playing  (Read 495 times)

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Partial chords in Chromatic harmonica playing
« on: September 19, 2023, 04:47:21 AM »

Could you please take a moment to listen to the video above in which I played a song called “The Light Of the World"? Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.
1. I created the backing track myself using an app called MuseScore with the instruments "Voice," "Piano," and "Violin selected"
2. I incorporated a modulation sequence from Eb to E to F from verses 1 to 3.
3. In Verse 1, I used the standard single playing. In Verse 2, I added vibrato during the chorus part, and in Verse 3, I employed a "Partial chord" in the chorus part. (i.e. the same sound one octave apart).

What is your opinion on the partial chords I have tried to emulate in the choral part of verse 3?

Thank you for your time and feedback in advance.

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Re: Partial chords in Chromatic harmonica playing
« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2023, 03:57:53 PM »
Okay, first of all, (and this the most important part) what key harmonica are you playing? Cuz even partial chords are at best "hit or miss," and only a few actually come out right, and even those are dependent on what keyed axe you're using. :)
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