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The ability to remove just one cover plate at a time

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Ed McCullough:
I had been delaying and delaying and delaying cleaning a sticky valve. When I finally talked myself into the work, it was much easier than I imagined. This particular harmonica lets you take off only one cover plate at a time. That is immensely easier than juggling two cover plates, the comb and Reed plates and one pair of screws at the same time.

Some of you guys and gals have commented about difficulty of reassembling some of the Seydel harmonicas. You have my sympathies. How many extra hands and fingers do you need to grow for the job?

The Lone Harper:
I modify all of my chromatics so that each reed plate and each cover plate can be removed independently of its counterpart.

Gnarly He Man:
One nice feature of the CX-12 is how easy it is to disassemble—the mouthpiece and covers are all one piece!

Yeah, Gar, that's prolly the only thing I like about the CX.

Now, getting back to the coverplates, I have stainless steel combed 270 that's threaded and works great, so ANY "factory" metal comb without threads is totally without excuse and the manufacturers thereof should be ashamed, since barrel screws and whatever have always been sucha pain in the shorts anyway

For the rest of us, I don't see why a threaded metal sleeve couldn't be epoxied into an acrylic combs.

Ed McCullough:
Lone Harper,
  Is A's idea of putting a threaded sleeve into the comb the technique that you use? If so, can you exactly name the sleeve, some screws that fit the sleeve, and a company that sells it?
-. That sounds like an easy solution that many of us would like to use.


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