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When you get an email that says that someone has responded to a thread that you have interest in, you click on it, then you have to type in your login. If you don't like this approach and want to get in without typing in your credentials you can use one of these approaches.

You can chose to be logged out automatically in the time that you indicate or you can chose to always be logged in by selecting that option. Then when you get an email, click it, then bam you're in without having to type in your login info. If you are on a PC that is shared then "always stay logged in" approach is not adviseable. If you manually LOGOUT, you will overide all settings and have to then manually login again.

Username:  joe blow
Password:  *****
Minutes to stay logged in:  180
Always stay logged in:  yes or no (check box)

In addition and related to, logging in and out, there are possibly some times when you cannot login at all even when you have tried your correct user name & password. In these rare cases, you might have a corrupted cookie (similar to a moldy cookie which is something that you don't eat either) You must purge.

In IE6 & 7 there is a function under TOOLS --> INTERNET OPTIONS --> Browsing history. There you will see ways to delete your temporary files and cookies. Delete them both & enter the forum again. At that point you will be issued another fresh cookie (think Entenmann's) and things should be back to normal. Similar procedure in Safari.

I hear ya Harmoniteer, but try to clear cookies and temporary file anyway and see if that works.

Dirty rotten Norton.
I used to love Norton Utilities till
Symantec got it.

I think it may be the most popular anti-virus
out there today.


A general reminder to folks who might be having a hard time logging in, especially during upgrades and site changes - if you are having troubles logging in, the first area to start at is to delete your browsers collected cookies and temp files, close the browser, open the browser,  then log into the site (automatically renewing the cookie).


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