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Filed my income tax today,
even though the deadline is Tuesday,
I don't like to wait for the last minute.

Bad news and good news.

Bad news!
 - I owed the IRS $ 5768.00

Good news
 - It was a mistake, somehow I made the software
enter my income and tax twice. Actually I
get a refund of $ 8.00

Should be good for a couple beers.



Sent my taxes in today too.
Bad news: I owe $3100.  :'(
Good news: It's less than last year.  :)

Curious... you professional Harmonica players. Do you deduct your harmonicas as tools?  ???
(Chuck Berry deducts his guitars)

My tax accountant always deducted my instruments. Trombones and harmonicas.


I'll be getting 1,275.00 back.

Bad news, this will be the last time as my eldest is now 17 years old - no more child tax credit, even though some are still living with me  ::)

Just did mine too (except I hafta find a book somewhere for my state taxes)
Bad news: Jointly, We still owe 257
Good news; Separately, I don't owe anything
Better news, Separately, Mama gets about 400 bucks :o)  ha ha!


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