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Buckeye in absentia


Couldn't make it this year. But I'm trying to do my part from home:

*played along with Marion McPartland (a little improv, too!)
*played through my repertoire
*picked some new tunes to work on
*played on all four of my "players": CX 12, CX 12 Tenor, Super 64, CBH 2016
*stayed up late to do all this
*but mostly, missed seeing all of you who attended

Tonight I plan to:
*go out to dinner (and maybe a movie)
*cue up some of my accompaniment CDs for a play-along

But it's not the same as Being There. Miss you all!


Add to my list:

*listened to CDs of Sandy German, Robert Bonfiglio, Jia-Yi He
*played along with above on selections I know
*pretended these were evening concerts and a matinee.

Tom  :)

Dinner was yummy. I had steak strips with a Worcestershire dipping sauce over basmati rice, and Cindy had barbequed chicken wings. She allowed me to expound on things harmonica. Now (if I don't fall asleep first) I think I'll yank my Super 64's mouthpiece apart and see if it's less leaky with the backplate removed, while I listen to some more recordings.



I posted the results under Maintenance/Repair.


If I order a pizza it will make me dream tonight.
Then if i Leave an harmonica DVD playing on TV
I might dream I was at Buckeye.

Usually dreams are better than reality.


—except for the pleasure of each others' company. :(



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