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SlideMeister on SlideMeister
« on: April 16, 2011, 03:21:39 PM »
                                           SlideMeister on SlideMeister

While I suppose I am somewhat curious about what is said about SlideMeister (and, to a lesser extent, me) on other groups, as some of you have guessed, I'm really not influenced by it. All it tells me is: of all the guys who smile like Cheshire cats and shake my hand at conventions, which ones have two faces! (What? Ya think I don't have my spies?  ;)) The only effect my critics ever have (or will ever have) on me is to strengthen my resolve.

One thing I've learned is: (pretty much like politics) the competition will always tell you what terrifies them, and yes, it's pitiful when some get so used to having their own way, the idea of not having it is incomprehensible, so if it ever happens, there's a total disconnect, it just doesn't compute, and shorts out their brain-pans. :P  I love it! ;)

Once and for all, here it is: SlideMeister's just a "squirt" upstart tiny little "club" by comparison, that wants nothing more than to be left alone, and that is the one thing some folks can't bring themselves to do.

As the saying goes: "All publicity is good publicity" and we take it any way we can get it. Thanks very much! ;D

SlideMeister is SlideMeister; not "Harp" this or "Harp" that. Just the word "Slide" should give ya a hint, and of course the word "Meister" means "Master" so the group is built for folks who come here to "Master the Slide" rather than that 7-hole over-blow, and no amount of pressure is ever going to change that, regardless of from whence it cometh! Okay - got that out of the way; Now on to the Rules and Regs.

The Rules and regulations which this forum officially calls:the "REGISTRATION AGREEMENT" (as in "Agree with, before you Register")

a-gree-ment   [uh-gree-muhnt] 
1. the act of agreeing or of coming to a mutual arrangement.
2. the state of being in accord.
3. an arrangement that is accepted by all parties to a transaction.

The Registration Agreement is there for a reason, and the rules contained therein give the interested party the option to either accept them and join us, or reject them and go elsewhere.  Like the song goes: "You can go any place you want to but (if you don't like this agreement) you can't stay here" yet some folks want to say "We're not going away, we don't care about rules and you have to do it our way." Who do you think you are making rules? Some kinda dictator, bully, control freak, Nazi, Ayatollah . . . . . the list goes on. ::) (and those are the nicer things I get)  :o  What's up with that??

If the President was a harmonica player and pulled the kinda stuff some guys try to pull, believe me; I'd pull his cork too! Why? Cuz I just don't care what folks, who don't like the rules, think, and after over twenty years, that nonsense has gotten pretty old. If someone paid me a hundred Grand a year to make a forum that was a clone of all the other groups out there, oh, it would be a great clone, it would not be called "SlideMeister," and while we would be overrun with "Little Walter" talk, all but devoid of Chromatic content, (just like the rest of'em) we'd still just be another clone! Whoopee-stinkin'-doo! Does the world really need yet another?

Now in closing; since no one has offered to pay me that hundred Grand  ::) I'll continue to make like Sinatra and "do it my way."

A.J.Fedor -owner, SlideMeister International Chromatic Harmonica Fellowship

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