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Here is a timeline of my experience with regard to experimenting with tuning harmonicas.

I first acquired a Melody Maker made by Lee Oskar, it has 5 and 9 draw raised a half step and blow 3 raised a whole step. I learned a few songs that made it attractive. But I didn't like the Tombo harps, so I set about having them retuned.

Then I decided to do the retuning myself. After a time, someone suggested another tuning, and I tried that--but I was running out of harmonicas to do it with. So I bought a device (from Bill Romel) to replace broken reeds (much like the F & R Farrell tool).

I had saved all my old broken harmonicas and so had some to use and learned to repair them.

I began offering my services to other harmonica players, and fixed their harps in exchange for some of the broken ones.

So now I have a variety of harmonicas to use when a new idea comes along.

I just repaired a high A diatonic harmonica (a Bushman) for Bill Barrett, and have decided to make one of my hybrid high diatonics in that key--see attached chart.

PS I use Special 20s by Hohner for the most part, and always welcome players who have a large collection of them which need repair and want to have me fix their harps in exchange for some of the broken ones.

PPS I fixed the chart, if you are going to do this mod, use the new one.

PPPS Attached also please find an audio sample of the harp, including my ruminations.
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