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How to reply to & post topics

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This is the basic tree structure for the forum. First you must decide which board you would like to explore. The boards are organized by CATAGORY - the dark blue field.
Inside these categories are BOARDS. You enter them by clicking on their name. Once inside, you will see a list of ongoing TOPICS. Find a topic that you are interested in, click on it, it will then open up to the ongoing conversation. If you want to participate then select the REPLY button located at the top of the thread. Type in your response then check POST (you can use PREVIEW to see how it looks before you commit, or spellcheck) That's it!
To start a topic, you do pretty much the same thing. Determine where your new topic should be placed first by going to the appropriate BOARD. Once in the board, select NEW TOPIC, then create your topic, then POST. That's it!
If you've gone too far and you don't know where you're at, just hit the HOME button on the top left and you can start over. In that same field is a HELP button that has even more details than what I've just explained.
Also, when replying to or posting topics be sure to look at the ADDITIONAL OPTIONS underneath your new thread or reply. There you can choose to be notified if someone replies to that topic via e-mail. In that area also is where you can attach a file.

Also, in order to keep a clean and organized to forum, please post your topics to the appropriate board.

Happy posting  ;D

If you would like to be notified via e-mail if there are any new topics posted, you can select the NOTIFY in any or all boards that are of special interest to you. For example, as a admin I have it set up so that I am emailed if any new topics are posted in the entire forum.

These settings are stored under your PROFILE under NOTIFICATIONS & EMAIL.

 (See attached graphic below.)

Please all Wallhangers (or anyone unfamiliar with forums) learn these very important features as they are the only way you can be emailed of events pertaining to your thread and /or interested boards. These features are set per member profile, they are not global. Questions? Let 'em rip.

When posting a reply to a post, how do I quote a previous reply?  Thanks.


--- Quote from: AnthonyAnthony on July 17, 2010, 03:23:37 PM ---When posting a reply to a post, how do I quote a previous reply?  Thanks.

--- End quote ---

Just click the "quote" thing at the upper right of the post you want to include and it will take you to the posting screen.  Start typing and you'll see that your post going under the stuff that will be quoted. Try it,  then click the "Preview" button at the bottom of the screen and you'll see how it works. When you're satisfied with the what you've written, click the "Post" button at the bottom of the screen. and viola, you've quoted a post and added your comments to it like this


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