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Here is the most up to date list of all the tabs we share on SlideMeister. All cool stuff, in an easy to play, easy to learn format. Thanks to a collaboration between Henry and "The Waxman" (no, not Henry Waxman  ) they're "clickable. Just click the title of the number you want and it will link to the actual post where it was first posted. Cool, eh? Other than that, this board is locked, as there's nothin to discuss here; just click, play and be happy!

If anyone finds an incorrect link, contact Henry, Wax or A.J. and we'll get it fixed immediately.


[note: The first time you click on one of the links in Adobe Reader, you may get a prompt asking you if you "trust".  Of course, you should click "yes" and check the box that says something like "always trust this site".  This is a standard security test so people don't embed links to malware sites in a PDF file.  Every link on this list goes to SlideMeister and only to SlideMeister.]
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