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My 1st Album, promotional price for SlideMeister friends
« on: March 16, 2014, 06:34:48 PM »
Hi friends.While I finish my new CD, I keep promoting my 1st album, received very good reviews.
For all harmonica players and music lovers.
Never, until this album,
they had heard a Harmonica Cromatica so. "Martin Allegro Solo Armonica" is 100% Harmonica.
Contact and sales.
Promotional price to SlideMeister friends! mp3 download

Sales also on:

"Spectacular! Unreal. Amazing!!."-Jason Ricci, Harmonica Player (USA)
"Great Martin!. I'm a fan of your Armonica Wonderful work, something unique Congratulations.!!!" - Gabriel Grossi, Harmonica Player (Brazil)
"Amazing sound, technique and interpretation Martin!." - Jimmy Z Zabala, Harmonica Player (USA)
"Martin Allegro Solo Armonica.A CD of harmonica solo and unaccompanied throughout all the works is certainly a risky adventure, but in this case with a very good result final.This CD is based on Argentine popular repertoire and chamber of beautiful and famous works, being both for specialists in the instrument, of course, as also for the enjoyment of any lover of good music. Piazzolla is the most visited in the repertoire, but coexists among others, with the beautiful Suite Num 1 in G Major by Bach, very well played by Martin  Allegro, who takes good care of each version each language. With a very good use harmonic and the use of different and complicated techniques provides the instrument .Martin Allegro is another demonstration of the current growth of the chromatic harmonica as a solo instrument and study. "-Franco Luciani, Harmonica Player (Argentina).
"Very special!."-Hermine Deurloo. Harmonica Player (Netherlands)
"Argentinian chromatic soloist Martin Allegro specializes in unaccompanied 16-hole chromatic. His first CD was a collection of classical and tango compositions.
His new effort involves amplified playing with looping and effects, perhaps a first for classically oriented chromatic player."-SPAH  Society for the Preservation & Advancement of the Harmonica (USA)
" Sensational!!!!."-Rildo Hora ,Armonicista (Brasil)
"Magnificent! Martin! Fantastic performances! A very good chromatic harmonica player ! Success! Really! I like more."-Philippe Poullet, Harmonica Player (France)
"On the album" Martin Allegro Solo Armonica "I feel a great job both in the choice of topics in ejecucion.En the quality of sound, it shows an excellent result, a product of his recording process, this adds much to the point to sit and enjoy a disc and for me this harmonica fundamental.La making strides in Argentina, in a lot of processes and this album is the result of that cambio.Thanks Gracias Martin for music, excellent work!. "-Roy Harpman, Harmonica Maker (Argentina).
"The album"Martin Allegro Solo Armonica"is an album to put it and listen to the end, has the power to create the climate that requires the work performed with the harmonic one without needing anything more."-Mariano Slaimen, Harmonica Player (Argentina).
"By the miracle of finding forever, in all circumstances and final things as now, at the foot of a true love that you can vouch and faith, work and own the great harmonica talent you are."-Luis Saltos, Harmonica Player(Argentina).
"Very Good!! A toast to that," -Jefferson Goncalves, Harmonica Player (Brazil).
"Right from the cover art of the album" Solo Armonica "we suspect that the" Solo "is serious: the image of Allegro Martin playing the harmonica on a white background. No more is needed. Could have played like someone who sings songs cappella and would also be a great record, but Mr. Allegro manages to make rhythmic-harmonic accompaniments, counter lines ... all in real time! Let's be more precise: there are several harmonic one. The secret is the great interpreter executes it. If I wore a hat, I applaud him out for such a risky proposal, which has the virtue of not dying in the simple curiosity: the fact that it is only higher harmonic, without overdubs, it becomes a story by the
performances. The repertoire chosen is very apt (very pleasant, indeed, find Gardel and Salgán meeting, and even the Abalos Brothers and Debussy), all works are approached with the seriousness they deserve and that we are perceived against someone who is long in the business: only a musician with experience and talent can achieve what he achiev
ed the cheerful Allegro. More remarkable still when we said that just a few years ago he got the first harmonic (who would doubt of sleeping with her since then?). His musical maturity, coupled with his undeniable passion for this instrument that fits in your coat pocket, near the heart, resulting in a wonderful album with original arrangements for harmonica, played with freshness, and causes in the listener-speak for myself, but would not hesitate to speak for all, a sense of admiration and gratitude. "-Andres Chorny, Harmonica Player (Argentina).
"Congratulations for your CD" Martin Allegro Solo Armonica.Excellent repertoire performed with very good technique and sound.Destacable the" Prelude from Suite No.1 in G Major. (Bach) "-Franz Chmel, Master Harmonica Player (Austria).
"I think we are witnessing one of the most important albums in terms of demonstration of technique and dexterity in relation to this beautiful instrument. level attained by Martin is really admirable. Harmonica fully in the service of music. Congratulations! ! "Lucas Chamorro, Harmonica Player (Argentina)
"Martin Allegro "Solo Armonica"
The curiosity is awakened only one reads: Only one harmonica without overdubs
Why this warning? Let's see ...?
- Better: to listen!
You have to be very risky, and be willing to play there at the top and without a net ... to make an album of harmonica alone, without any harmonic accompaniment, or a bass. Any kind of accompaniment, seems crazy to think: Harmonica alone!
Runway track 01 Tanguera, Mariano Mores: the chromatic harmonica blasts alone and safely.
That cleaning! He even seems to draw Mores orchestra behind the sound, but ... What is that? There's 1:14 minutes two harmonics! But the warning did not say otherwise ...?
Martin Allegro, as well as handle many styles with credit, manages to make a single harmonic polyphony. In "Tanguera" holds a long note and manages to play several notes at once on counter melody. Wonderful! A? no, number, and stating that this musician has not paid me for me to speak good about it. Just write what I hear, I have also played chromatic harmonica and I know the difficulties that owns the instrument.
I've heard several performers, we could compare this or that, a faster, another improviser ... but what makes Allegro in my opinion ... is unique.
The work Syrinx by Claude Debussy, was originally written for flute alone. The idea of this composition refers to the old instrument or syrinx syrinx, the flute of Pan God's incredible dynamic input provides the harmonica to the mystery of this music. Applause for Allegro.
Several years ago the former Mitre train going to Tigre spent a harmonica player named Lucio cap. He could, playing chacareras, alternate two harmonica records giving the sensation of two voices, that it succeeds in "La Juguetona" chacarera of Abalos Brothers. That also appears in the prelude to Bach, the composer made use of that resource in his works for solo cello. But nothing compares to the 1:14 minutes of "Tanguera"! It reappears in Libertango! And to think that some people claim that the harmonica is not a serious instrument. The seriousness is in the work done on it. There is always more to do, not a question of imitating the great harmonica players, as it is very difficult to grow by copying models.
When you listen to musicians like Martin Allegro ... feels he must decide between two possibilities. Throwing away old harmonica, or made to study hard to contribute something worthwhile. He has done. "-Milton Blanco, Musician (Argentina).
"I rescue the importance of the work on this album for Martin Allegro for the development of the chromatic harmonica in Argentina. This, not only for the variety in his repertoire but mainly for its interesting approach from a technical and expressive instrument based on a personal quest for exclusivity soloist. "-Santiago Alvarez, Harmonica Player (Argentina).
"Solo Armonica, very good work" .Excellent "A fuego lento". Congratulations." Amadeo Fazzari (Lay Mora), Harmonica Player  (Argentina)
"What a beautiful "Martin Allegro Solo Armonica", congratulations for the job!."-Pablo Fagundes, Harmonica Player (Brazil).
"Excellent technique. I'm always surprised it touches taking into account the time taken with the instrument," -Pablo Brotzman, Harmonica Player (Argentina).
"That sounds good." -Gonzalo Araya, Harmonica Player (Chile).
"Very good." -Giuseppe D'amico, Harmonica Player (Italy).

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