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Musical Catch-All / "Whatever" Board / Re: Weather again.
« Last post by ejacob4 on Today at 10:25:38 PM »
I'm making a styrofoam liner for one of the saddlebags on the bike, then we're going out to get some milk and ice cream. ;D ;D

I use those plastic strips of big packing balloons. We’re talking eggs in panniers on a 28 mph ebike. Double on the bottom and all around. Just a thing that can be done.

Oh, never ending summer here as well. 95. 90 by 10:30 a.m.

Best regards,
Musical Catch-All / "Whatever" Board / Re: Weather again.
« Last post by Scotty on Today at 07:56:01 PM »
Now, today through tomorrow night - we have a Scottish named Hurricane 'Ian' bearing down on areas of Florida (seemingly headed right for where Smokey in NorthPort - and some of my cousins in Cape Coral, live), with mandatory evacuations. But
where are people supposed to go, I'm wondering? My sister-in-law no longer lives in Tampa since she decided to move to Virginia with one of her nieces after my brother John's death, so I'm not worried about her. Seems that (as usual), so many elderly Floridians are determined to ride it out. I hope they're correct and it doesn't cause the damage predicted, but it just 'feels'
ominous. Up here on Long Island we'll be getting tons of rain (as we did last week). No problem, we'll on a
hilly street is a big help. I'm mostly worried about Florida. :(

YouTubeMeister / Re: "Professional" Video Drop Spot
« Last post by brorat on Today at 09:43:01 AM »

Sounds sweet to me.

She has the most perfect way of holding the instrument.  It's textbook!
GENERAL CHROMATIC DISCUSSION / Re: Favorite song nobody wants to hear
« Last post by Joe Phillips on Yesterday at 11:33:13 PM »
Turkey in the Straw. No, seriously, The Shadow of Your Smile. I've butchered it for over 50 years and it's worn out its welcome among those who tolerate my playing.
YouTubeMeister / Re: "Professional" Video Drop Spot
« Last post by Gene Oh on Yesterday at 07:44:06 PM »

Sounds sweet to me.
Maintenance & Repair 101 / Re: Slide oil
« Last post by beads on Yesterday at 07:19:06 PM »
Al I do is strip the MP, rinse in a dilute of mouthwash, leave the pieces to dry, rub them up with lint free cloth. Never had a problem.

Ray  8)

then a very thin layer of suzuki slide oil?   Oddly I find that Hohners do not seem to benefit from suzuki slide oil.  Seydels and suzukis do. 

doug tanner
My Hohner Discovery works noticeably better with just a drop of Suzuki slide oil. In fact, since I oiled the Discovery slide it has become one of my favorite harps.
BanterMeister / Re: Secret to the best musicians?
« Last post by Age on Yesterday at 05:20:27 PM »
Excellent post, Edward!

Just like emails with the words "what the ______ don't want you to know," "you won!," ""you're a winner!," "you've been chosen!," "FREE!," "congratulations!," "secret," "Guaranteed," "loose weight," "Like magic!" and any other spurious sounding "carrots," are all to be avoided. Anyone who's even been home sales (or any other sales actually) will remember office salesmen's conversations with the words "So I told her this," "followed by "five copies, Betty - press hard" followed by salesmen's laughter. Yeah it's all just this side on witchcraft, and it never stops cuz some folks just keep buying it! I never buy anything that I wasn't looking for in the first place. (That's why 200 SPAM'S a day go in the trash before I even look at them.)

I never let anyone tell me how much to practice, or not to practice either. I'm a big boy; I know what I need to do. A premise I've always used in my ministry that works on just about anything you apply it to, is: "You may not be as close to the Lord as you should be, but you're  as close to the Lord as you "want to be." 

We all have different levels of potential, satisfaction, ability and drive, and it's the efficient combining of these elements that will produce our personal best (and most realistic) results in our endeavors. I realized long ago that there are things I will never be able to do, without some sort of investment (like ten hours a day for thirty years ::)) and quite frankly, today, I don't wanna do that. :-[ Tomorrow? Who knows? Maybe I will.:-\  I go one day at a time cuz stuff changes, but for today, I'm happy where I'm at, and for me, the old "pursuit of happiness" is what always made my world go 'round. I never let anything steal my joy cuz my joy's my greatest strength, and whether you know it or not, it's yours too. :)  IMO of course.
BanterMeister / Re: Secret to the best musicians?
« Last post by Gerundino on Yesterday at 04:54:25 PM »
For me the secret was: on my 25 years of age I told myself the next thing: “ I want to be the best flamenco guitar player that is in my power at the age of 65.” I always kept to that, now I am 58 and I think I am on my best. I did what was necessary and I did also not what could harm my goal. I am not very, very good, but the best I could be by now.
BanterMeister / Re: Secret to the best musicians?
« Last post by ejacob4 on Yesterday at 04:00:20 PM »
Here, and only here, I, one of the very few former, reformed professionals in the use of secrecy will tell you the hidden truth about . . , SECRETS!

There is no secret, no magical formula. If anyone tells you there is, get itchy, because you are about to be had.

Wrote . . . Pretty much any/ everything for 20 years. Spent ten or so in advertising. There I learned the secret of secrets. People want secrets, magical, mystical, lost, hidden truths that only the blessed few know. They will pay to learn them, partly to improve their lot, and partly to have one over on the other guy.

It’s an advertising technique. Or, you can call it a con. Secrets that are not secrets, or are nothing at all, get sold to rubes on a daily basis. I know. I did it. I did it knowing full well it was garbage, crap, manipulation, lies.

You can also skip limited time offers, once in a lifetime opportunities, select offers, and the ever popular incredible offers, values, results, amazing anything. All of it. These are the brick and mortar of commercial deception and manipulation, and my own screwdrivers and wrenches.

When I started, I got a few straight-forward books, then went online to this and other forums. I guess the secrets are here, and the truth, the real truth is, that nobody here has been keeping secrets.

Some spend hours on scales, and it works or not. Some spend hours playing, and it works, or not. Look at everybody’s ways. Mine ends up to be some of this guy’s and some of that gal’s. In the end, most likely, you’ll find a way that is your own, to play in your own groove.

There will be you, and time, and music, and the joy of labor.

Sorry about the rant, but I was good enough at lying for a living to regret it. Spent the next 20 years teaching reading, writing, and not being fooled.

Well. Gotta go play.

Best regards,
New Member Intros / Re: New Member from Green Valley Arizona
« Last post by Edward Brock on Yesterday at 03:15:40 PM »
Hey Edward,there are a big den of us Wolfs,six kids,17GK,5GGK. ;D ;)

 At a boy, Wolfman... ;D ;D
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