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Musical Catch-All / "Whatever" Board / Re: Pets Whaddyagot?
« Last post by drlaugh on Today at 08:20:47 PM »
Lily is a maine coon.
I wonder if George will find her hair stopping a reed.
Musical Catch-All / "Whatever" Board / Re: Pets Whaddyagot?
« Last post by A.J. Fedor on Today at 08:17:43 PM »
So far, I like Luka best. ;D
(right after my Basenji  ;D ;D ;D)
Super stripped; six-stick, four wheels, and a carburetor (oh yeah + whitewalls and a radio) That was the first car I ever drove on the highway. (either eleven or twelve years old)
Musical Catch-All / "Whatever" Board / Re: Pets Whaddyagot?
« Last post by Scotty on Today at 08:12:38 PM »
My current two kitties: Percy and Simon. Percy is the ginger who adores his 'baby' Simon (whom we found in our
woodbin as a tiny abandoned baby).

Musical Catch-All / "Whatever" Board / Re: Pets Whaddyagot?
« Last post by Scotty on Today at 08:09:52 PM »
Luka: with his Eskie smile.
Musical Catch-All / "Whatever" Board / Re: Pets Whaddyagot?
« Last post by Scotty on Today at 08:06:42 PM »
More of mine: Koda when he was still overweight (pre-Luka) with his favourite Lambie snuggle toy). Luka began to destroy it, so now it's put away. Koda is now below his preferred weight and runs around like a puppy.
I can't believe it's been 2 years since I first commented on this post.  And almost a year since anyone else commented.  Guess this muffler widget didn't become the hot item.  My 'to-do' list got backed up over this last year..  This wonderful lady I live with decided the lockdown scenario was the perfect excuse to expand the 'honey-do' list to criminal and torturous proportions.  I did get the 10-hole diabolic version of these cover plates over a year ago, but not the muffler.  Figured I could make my own muffler for a lot cheaper.  And I did.  Remember,,, this gadget is only predicting a 10-15 decibel decrease.  Last month I finally got around to getting the chromatic cover plates from a Japanese dealer.  And adapting my homemade muffler to the chromatic was just as easy as the diabolic.  I know this thread is about the 'quieting' portion of this tool.  But I found something that I think is even more exciting.  To me anyway.  And that is the performance and response increase I got with the partition channeled covers.  It was very noticeable.  On both the diabolic and chromatic.  So much so that I am starting another thread about partitioned and channeled covers in 'General Chromatic Discussions'.  In my humble opinion...  The covers are great for channeling the sound.  But the plastic resonates easily.  There wasn't enough room to put any sound dampening material on the underside of the covers.  But once the covers were installed, I wrapped the harmonica lengthwise with a soft strip of thick leather, and then use a sliced thick rubber tire innertube as a large rubber band to wrap around the leather and hold it in place.  The leather and the rubber did a better job of controlling the sound than just the plastic.   And my muffler is comprised of recycled sound absorbing material that is much cheaper and much better at quieting and disbursing the sound.  I do think maybe that wrapping my muffler material in a pair of old recycled whitey-tightey underwear was a mistake.  At least as far as aesthetics go. 

  Below are some detailed pictures of this device and it's components.  Note the channels on the covers.  And the individual partitioned chambers of the muffler.  I found more pictures from the diabolic model than the chromatic version.
Musical Catch-All / "Whatever" Board / Re: Pets Whaddyagot?
« Last post by drlaugh on Today at 07:31:26 PM »
Both our cats were feral.
Lily our youngest is a party animal.
She likes to put her head under one of our lamp shades.
I wanted to name her Will Feral.
Annie gave me a wifely look that indicated NO.
NoodleMeister / Re: Gary
« Last post by Scotty on Today at 07:22:19 PM »
You heard the Lady Gary. ;D
 Hi Scotty.

Bon Jour Roman! :)

GENERAL CHROMATIC DISCUSSION / Re: Where have all the newbies gone?
« Last post by frankyb on Today at 07:11:34 PM »
Funny! I woke up this morning with the term "DO IT NOW" in my head, so I made a list (I'm lookin at it now) there's ten items on it. It's 6:30 PM and  so far all I've finished was making that list. Did some other things I wasn't planning on doing, ::) but so far, none of the stuff on that list. :P   Hmm! Looks like a good list for tomorrow. ;)
A Procrastinator Am I
By Frank Brault (frankyb)

Much work to do before I die,
a procrastinator am I,
but if I die with work undone,
I will have had a lot more fun.

Frank Brault
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