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GENERAL CHROMATIC DISCUSSION / Re: Where have all the newbies gone?
« Last post by frankyb on Yesterday at 07:11:34 PM »
Funny! I woke up this morning with the term "DO IT NOW" in my head, so I made a list (I'm lookin at it now) there's ten items on it. It's 6:30 PM and  so far all I've finished was making that list. Did some other things I wasn't planning on doing, ::) but so far, none of the stuff on that list. :P   Hmm! Looks like a good list for tomorrow. ;)
A Procrastinator Am I
By Frank Brault (frankyb)

Much work to do before I die,
a procrastinator am I,
but if I die with work undone,
I will have had a lot more fun.

Frank Brault
NoodleMeister / Re: Gary
« Last post by Scotty on Yesterday at 06:53:41 PM »
By request.

Reeeeaaallly nice Gary, and very much appreciated - especially adding the guitar 'stuff' as accompaniment(!) :)
(I could feel your nerves, playing live on this one. That surprised me a wee bit --thought I was the only one who
reacted that way. You needn't, trust me.

C'mon guys, how come I was the only one to give him a thumbs up on the youtube video? When you watch and like
it, you should click on that to show your appreciation.

PS: sorry it took me so long to come back...was dealing with my 'escape artist' Luka who got out 3 times in as many days. THIS time as Fred went into panic mode and I hurried to put on my shoes to get out the front door, I saw a white van pull up and a man's voice call out that Luka'd jumped into his van! I had completely forgotten that our dog groomer (who'd only done Luka a couple of times) was scheduled for both dogs and as he turned onto our street, saw Luka, opened the door and Luka came running and leaped into the van, LOL. This dog is a trip. For the last 3 escapes, Fred takes our other minivan, opens the side door and drives slowly up our block, so as this weird dog comes running (and avoids us on foot as he scoffs up all the outdoor cat food), he LOVES the vehicle and jumps in without any hesitation. I guess he now loves Pete as much as us. :) Today we finally figured out how he was getting out. One of the gates was separating from its bottom bar (although we'd checked everything all around our property). We're now going to have the guy who built our patios and pathways make another stone border (fixed in cement) all along the side fences. Sigh. More money spent we hadn't planned on. Now I need another wee bit of Bluesette to relax me. Thanks, Gar!
« Last post by nadlerus on Yesterday at 06:34:23 PM »
Sorry for shortened clip.
The sound was unacceptable, as expected with an electrified guitar on the open beach.
Largely drowned out, so I put just a sample for humor.
Playing outside with a folkloric quartet was worse, and a 10 piece Banda orchestra horrendous.
Back home to my practice room or recording studio.
Neil Adler
« Last post by beads on Yesterday at 06:13:00 PM »
I have used the Boss app for several years. It works very well.

Here is a solo I wrote out over the chord changes similar to songs like Autumn Leaves. I tried to build the solo on the chord tones of progression, using some chromatic approach notes and different rhythmic fundaments. You will see a score and tabs while I play the solo. The tabs are for C chromatic harmonica.

Link to Youtube:

My tips for learning this solo:

1. Listen a few times. Hum along to the solo focus on the rhythm of the solo first.

2. Pause the video and play through the song by yourself either using tabs or score.

3. Play every melody bit by bit and then put it together. For example:
Learn bar 1. Then learn bar 2. Put them together. Learn the 3rd and 4th bar. Put those 4 bars together. Move on using the sample principle.

4. When you are through the whole melody - there are two ways to go:

4a. Try to play the whole piece through. If you make mistakes, move on. Just to get through is the goal.

4b. Try to play the whole piece through. If you make mistakes, stop the video and repeat that line until you have it.

5. If the tempo is too fast - lower it! If you are doing misstakes and practicing in a too high tempo - you are practicing your mistakes. That is bad. Lower the tempo until you can play the music in a musical and nice sounding way. When you have that - take it up to the correct tempo.

6. Play through the piece in the correct tempo.

7. Take notice to my articulation. Some notes are shorter, some longer and some have an accent. I do these with my tongue and my throat. I have not written that out because it is easier to learn it by ear I think. To learn the articulation, sing along when I play so you get the rhythm and accents of the articulation before trying it on the harmonica.

8. Have fun! And take breaks. Go for 25 min sessions.

Just write me here if you have any questions,
GENERAL CHROMATIC DISCUSSION / Re: Where have all the newbies gone?
« Last post by drlaugh on Yesterday at 02:32:44 PM »
Day 21,
I’m still here.
Some day I will be able to play
I’m Still Here. (and other Broadway Tunes)
GENERAL CHROMATIC DISCUSSION / Re: What Swan model is this?
« Last post by BigDogDaddyD on Yesterday at 12:45:22 PM »
Just went to Swan's website ''.  They are currently selling 1 10-hole ($46US), 1 16-hole ($90US) - CURENTLY SOLD OUT, and 4 12-holes ($75-$85US).  No 14-holes.

The $85 12-hole is listed as 'Model SW1248-7'.  Phosphor bronze reeds.  Thick reed plate.  Round mouthpiece.  Stainless steel cover.
 Key of C.  Solo tuned.  Cross tuned.
GENERAL CHROMATIC DISCUSSION / Re: What Swan model is this?
« Last post by BigDogDaddyD on Yesterday at 12:29:29 PM »
 As I stare at my 16, 14, & 10 hole Swans, I have no idea what models they are...given to me by a friend with no cases or documentation.  He does not know.  They are several years old, with the 10-hole being around 8-10 yrs old (he thinks).  Chrome 16-hole, chrome 14-hole, and gold 14-hole all have the full length angled cover plates and straight tuned.  The chrome 10-hole has traditional 90 degree bends covers and is cross tuned.  All solo C tuned.  All have valves.  All have trapezoidal mouth pieces.  All 3 piece slides.  All have screws on the reed plates.  Does anyone know a simple way to look at the physical harp and tell which models they are?  Are they the cheap -1, -2, etc.?  Or the more expensive -5, -6, etc.?  Is the model number somewhere on the harp itself?  Thanks in advance.
Musical Catch-All / "Whatever" Board / Re: Pets Whaddyagot?
« Last post by Edward Brock on Yesterday at 12:12:01 PM »
Ed Brock: When you feed outdoor cats that rounge through the neighborhood, do you use the TNR (trap, neuter, release) care that keeps unhomed cat population from growing endlessly?

As a matter of fact, ALL these Free-Loaders have been "Fixed".
So if there are any New cats around, it ain't My fault.
If it isn't fixed it isn't allowed at the breakfast table. (a.k.a. Porch)
I have standards ya know.. They may be Low but they Are My Standards. ::)
Sounds just about right!
I was a kid, but I remember my brother-in-law buying a new 56 Ford for $1750, out the door :)

I'd give ya $1800 today sight unseen for a new 56' Ford.  8)
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