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About This Board
« on: August 02, 2014, 07:55:40 PM »
Here's where you can list yourself (NOT A FRIEND OR NON-MEMBER) as a repair tech, tweaker or customizer. No discussion! Just list your name, location, specialty (if any) and preferred method of contact, and interested parties can contact you by email or through our Personal Message Board. Questions? Contact A.J.Fedor.

Members who have, or are financially connected with, commercial websites, can list those websites here as well. This website/URL may also be listed as part of their signatures for their regular posts.

You can run up to three different businesses on this board. This is only a service for current members. Should your account be deleted due to inactivity, your ad/link will be deleted as well.


Zoldie Varniak's Turtle shop

Zoldies Windsaver Emporium

Zoldie's Custom Chromatic Slider Buttons

Sorry, no discussion cuz it will bury the ad for the O.P.

For more exposure, consider a SlideMeister one page site on for $25/year that you can link to right from your posts here on SlideMeister forums, or include the URL in your signature. The more you post (relevant posts) the more exposure you get to your business page. 8)  For more info, PM me.

Discussions will be deleted as soon as I see'em and the posters will get severely yelled at!  :D

Have fun! 8)