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Maintenance, CX 12s (mostly)
« on: January 14, 2023, 10:39:26 PM »
I looked at all of my CX 12 today, and judged the tuning in all. Some surprised me; or I inadvertently mixed casings with combs. Anyway, three are reasonably in tune: a Gold, a Tenor in a gold casing, and even the White, all 442-3. (That was surprising! I put the old comb back in the White, after playing it as a tenor last year.) Of the seven total, another three are sharp (444) to very sharp (447), a Tenor and two standard blacks. The last, acquired a few years ago from George Miklas, still brand new after 30 years (my Silver), is also very sharp.

I freed up a couple of reeds on one of the black sharp ones.

I'd consider selling the three sharp ones, but not the Silver. It's virtually unplayed and untouched; I'm reluctant to work on it. I thought of swapping the casing for one of the blacks, but haven't committed to it. It's the only one with chrome-plated reedplates (which are the thicker ones formerly found on the Gold).

My Super 64 has gone through some transformation. Years ago, I made a new spring from flute spring wire, and taped the slide. I swapped one of our members for Super 64X coverplates. It hasn't behaved very well for awhile, even after loosening the mouthpiece screws. So I removed the tape this evening, and it's like a new instrument. A keeper anyway, as it's my only 440.


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