Registration Agreement

I know, you/we are always tempted to just scroll to the bottom and "click & lie," like we all do, but please read this whole thing. Trust me; it's different than anything you've read before. :)

If you sign up USING A VPN, and are rejected as a SPAMMER, (it happens a lot) subsequent applications will probably be rejected so, turn it off, at least long enough to apply. ;)  If you are a SPAMMER, we ~will~ catch and grant you the "left foot of fellowship," in that order.  While acceptance is quick and easy you will not be a member until you have received a confirmation email from the approval department. (check your SPAM/junk folder just in case) You can expect your approval to take anywhere from 15 minutes to a few hours. Please be patient & welcome to SlideMeister Forums!

Browse and peruse to your heart's content, but if, afterwards, you decide you'd like to join the actual ~posting~ members, you will need to upgrade to a "posting" account. That account will cost you a donation towards the forum's operational costs; go here for details:

Don't join the form to sell harmonicas or attempt to SPAM the membership. Go milk another group! Doing it here will just get you banned.

SlideMeister membership is easy, private, secure and will NEVER fill your email inbox with SPAM and "offers" from outside sources.

Unless otherwise approved by management, only 1 (ONE) user account per IP address will be allowed. Unauthorized multiple accounts will be deleted when found and the IP addresses will be closed and banned.  

Note that it is impossible for the owner of this forum to confirm the validity of posts. Please remember that we can not actively monitor all the posted messages, and as such, are not responsible for the content contained within. We do not warrant the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information presented. The posted messages express the views of the author, and not necessarily the views of this forum, its staff, its subsidiaries, or this forum's owner. Anyone who feels that a posted message is objectionable is encouraged to notify the owner of this forum immediately. The owner reserves the right to remove objectionable content, (and even members) within a reasonable timeframe if he determines that removal is necessary. This is a manual process, however, please realize that he may not be able to remove or edit particular messages immediately. This policy applies to member profile information as well.

Posters remain solely responsible for the content of their posted messages. Posters also agree to indemnify and hold harmless the owners of this forum, any related websites to this forum, its staff, and its subsidiaries. The owners of this forum also reserve the right to reveal poster's identities (or any other related information collected on this service) but only in the event of a formal complaint or legal action arising from any situation caused by their use of this forum.

Your username must be just that: a NAME or even a word, but not an email address. We want one that's easily pronounceable; that sounds like a real name. SlideMeister reserves the right to reject an application for membership if it feels the applicant's username is objectionable or otherwise inappropriate.

With this user account, you are about to register, you agree to never give your password out to another person except for an administrator, for your protection, and for validity reasons. You also agree to NEVER use another person's account for any reason. We also HIGHLY recommend you use a complex and unique password for your account, to prevent account theft.

After you register and log in to this forum, you will be able to fill out a detailed profile. It is your responsibility to present clean and accurate information. Any information SlideMeister determines to be inaccurate or vulgar in nature will be removed, with or without prior notice. Appropriate sanctions may be applicable.

Also note that the software places a cookie, a text file containing bits of information (such as your username and password), in your browser's cache. This is ONLY used to keep you logged in/out. The software does not collect or send any other form of information to your computer.