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Extra, Slide Harp Reed Placements
« on: April 10, 2023, 08:51:16 PM »
Hello, Sliders.

This is a collection of different reed
placement charts, used on slide
chromatic harmonicas.

Our friend, Pat Missin, has a 7-page listing
with dozens (?) of reed placements for your
inspections. We've chosen our favorites, and
We'll post them, here.

Look for the section of the website titled
"Altered States", or some such title.

These reed placements are for those
of us who want to try additional reed

With different reed setups, some tunes
will be easier to play than on a standard
solo system slide harp, and some will be
easier, on a customized reed placement harp.

Hohner, Seydel, and a few other harp makers
sell custom harps in the key of C, and other
scales, on a 12-hole slide harp. Customized
harps will normally cost a few dollars more
than the standard key of C, solo system harps.

Doing the customizing yourself will be tedious,
and is not recommended for new players.
The new reed placement systems are also
available, factory-installed, from harp

SlideMeisters Gary Lehman ("Gnarly"), George Miklas,
Mike Easton ("Bloharp") & other SlideMeisters, offer
their services for a price.

If you want a 16-hole slide harp in a new reed placement,
add 4 holes to the left side of the harp mouthpiece, with
the same setup as the holes 1-4 of a 12-hole harp, with a
lower range.

If you want a 14-hole reed placement with a custom reed
placement, subtract the 2 holes on the left of a 16-hole slide
chromatic, on any custom-made chromatic.



I've been called away on a family emergency. We'll return
to this in a few days. Thanks for your patience & understanding.

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