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« on: October 27, 2017, 09:58:44 PM »
Mugshots (for all you good lookin rascals out there ;))

While it's probably human nature to want to use one that's 20 years old, it's also a cool idea to keep your mugshot current. When we go to a convention or something, we'll never recognize each other if we're looking for someone who looks like one of our grandkids, or high school graduation pictures, aye!

Almost without exception, when I used to "house clean" and delete members who never even signed in for 30 days after "joining" us, I never saw one of those with an avatar or mug shot; which made me feel less guilty about dumping them. An avatar or even more; a mugshot shows me that you're at least marginally interested in what's going on around here and are therefor more likely to be taken seriously.

If you haven't updated your mugshot/avatar lately, please consider it. For those of you guys who like to keep them current but have difficulty changing them, I'm always here to help you out. If you're a "designation holder" like Helper through Prez Clubber, be sure to shoot me a copy for my records too, since that's how I keep track of you guys.

But if you want folks to remember you at all, ANYTHING is better than nothing. So I encourage all you dear folks to: Go to your profiles and add an avatar or "mugshot," and tell us where you live (just the general area)  If you have a picture, or mug shot and don't know how to do it, just send it to me along with your username and I'll be happy to make it look pretty as I can and put it in there for you.  :)

* Avoid Scenery (unless that's what you want to use) Faces get easily lost in busy backgrounds; especially considering the size of that little picture anyway.
* When using your face, if possible, crop it to make it mostly a headshot, and the sharper the focus, the better.
* If you really don't want us to know what you look like, stick a harmonica in your face  ::)
* A stock avatar from the system will also do
* Any picture you have will also work as well

And remember, no frames, or animations for non supporters
Contact me by clicking the red text below if I can be of help.
Thanx kidz!

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