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HOW TO JOIN SlideMeister
« on: September 11, 2021, 08:31:57 PM »
For additional info see:

While joining SlideMeister is easy, its not meant to be "casual," which is why I just started charging five dollars to get you vetted, and your account set up. Folks "casually" join lots of things either on a whim or with something less than genuine interest.  Rather than allowing the membership to be clogged with "numbers" AKA "low-interest riffraff" just to make SlideMeister appear larger to those who actually give a rip, I use a few tricks to filter 80% out of those applicants.  If I let them all in, we'd have close to eight thousand members. Whoo-hoo! (big deal!:P) I'd rather just have the ones who actually care about being here. 8)

For what its worth: I'M the guy you have to satisfy. (Yeah, I know - Big Deal! ::)) Contrary to what you've heard from the other groups, I'm NOT an authoritarian, bully, etc.; just the old guy at the gate who not only keeps out the undesirables but also members who are little more than "numbers." If that offends you; Hey, YOU'RE one of those undesirables. Turns out, the tighter I screen, the less trouble we have later.

First of all, (after your initial Application) you'll get. note like this:

Thank you for applying for membership. While SlideMeister is free to use, vetting, and setting up your account is a time-consuming, process that I do manually to insure the extra level of protection and privacy that SlideMeister is known for and it's members have come to expect.

For reasons mentioned here, in September, 2021, I've started charging five dollars for vetting and setting up member accounts, which is just enough to discourage "casual members" who sign up on a whim, and afterwards, never sign in, and have to be deleted for security reasons. If this is unacceptable, you're more than welcome to participate as a guest.

To continue, please use PayPal to submit $5 (US) to so I can complete your registration. Note: this must be done in the next 24 hours.

With your payment, please be sure to use the same email address, or include the username you intend to use for your new SlideMeister account. For any other questions, simply reply to this email)

Thanx again! 😁

A.J.Fedor - SlideMeister Admin 

(Please do not apply and leave town.) If you do, you'll return to find that we've deleted your application and you'll have to start all over. :'(

Upon receipt of your payment, your application is processed, your account is set up and we send you our AGREEMENT/ACCEPTANCE letter with some simple guidelines.   


Sorry, _______, but You really ARE required to read this. 😁

"SEVEN, THIRTY, 150 and five bucks"

1. You will also receive an activation letter from the forum. Answering that letter will ACTIVATE your account. This must be done within the next SEVEN days. (see item #3)

2. You MUST post a "Hello I'm Joe" type introduction to the group within THIRTY days to avoid being deleted. Just go to , and click on New Topic, and say Hello or whatever.  Failure to do either of the above in the time allotted, will result on your account being deleted.

3. REACTIVATION   If your account is deleted for "not activating," "no introduction" or "inactivity for five months" (see item #7 below) and you want to re-apply, another $5 fee will be changed to make you a new account.

4. Before you post, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the operations of the forum by going to: (It's also the quickest way to see what makes SlideMeister one of the coolest forums on the web )

                                                 MUST READ:

The following information can be critical in maintaining your membership, so please read the posting rules. If you're like all of us, you just checked /ticked the "Agreement" without reading it, so here it is again:  (They're really not that bad)

5. While you are not required to list any personal information in your online profile, listing your general location. (not your physical address) is always appreciated. You may change your personal profile after your first post.

6. Your only posting requirement as a SlideMeister member is an introduction to the group, or at the least, a one sentence "Hello, I'm (*your username) from (your country) or whatever," to  after which there are absolutely no further posting requirements, ever! **Failure to post an introduction, (as described above,) within thirty days will result in the deletion of your account, and it will cost $5 to create you a new one.

As soon as the above initial requirements are met, (even if you do it on your first day, or your first five minutes) your probationary "APPLICANT" status will be dropped, you're credited fifteen posts and your membership is upgraded to "BABY BUTTON PUSHER / Regular Member" status, where you'll be able to take advantage of many of the advanced features of the forum. (which are pretty cool by the way ;o)  Note: Your first post MUST be an introduction. Asking a question does not count as a "first post," in fact, doing so will keep you from receiving the fifteen posting credits mentioned above, and you'll remain an "APPLICANT" till you actually post fifteen times.  (There ain't no "do-overs" )  In addition, (non-supporting) members with less than fifty-five posting credits cannot use SlideMeister's swap and trade features. (we don't want folks joining just to trade stuff or whatever)

7. While there are no further posting requirements, (ever) in order to remain a member of SlideMeister, you are required (at the minimum) to sign-in with your name and password at least once, every five months. (150 days) Failure to do so will result in your account being deleted. Of course, you may always re-apply, but again, a new account will always cost you $5. Vetting members is a comprehensive, six-part, time consuming,  pain in the butt, and I only do it once for free.

8. Your Username MUST be a "decent" name or word that can actually be pronounced. Stuff like "kl_sjx3" or an email address, or any vulgarity is not acceptable and you will be required to change it.

9. If you close your account, (quit) for a reason other than illness, relocation or whatever, you will not be allowed to rejoin, ever. 😭

I know,  a lotta "flaming hoops" but they're one of the things that make SlideMeister the best Chromatic forum on the web.

Questions? Great! Just reply to this email.

All the best, and Welcome to SlideMeister!

A.J.Fedor - SlideMeister Admin

(und schnipp> ;)
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