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Up for sale is my ingenious Brendan Power “Switch Harp” for Suzuki diatonic harmonicas.  There is no key, you have to provide your own Suzuki harmonicas in whatever keys you want to put in it.
I used valved Suzuki Promasters when I assembled it. There is a very informative YouTube video done by Brendan on this very instrument and worth viewing.
Here is his web page that covers the Switch Harp and all the links to his videos;

It’s like new except I dropped it and popped the register off one end of the plastic body. It doesn’t affect either the assembly accuracy or how it plays.
Frustratingly I did this while assembling it but there you go! Otherwise it’s done barely any work whatsoever and would suit someone looking to try this unique idea from Brendan.
It is complete with the unused Suzuki "Stealth" windsavers that are included with the body. I used a couple of valved Promaster harmonicas but it will suit all the diatonic Suzuki harmonicas, Manji, Olive, Promaster and Hammond, even the Fabulous 20E!
I turned up a set of special nuts that make assembly that much neater and tidier that will also be included along with the instructions. These can be seen in the pictures
These were currently available from Brendan a few weeks ago but on checking the web site they are shown as currently unavailable. I paid £110 without harmonicas which is about US $150
I would like $90 plus postage for it. International standard shipping will be: UK and Europe $20.00 USA $15
It has been thoroughly sanitized with both Isopropyl alcohol and additionally using my Turbo Harp Ozone “Bug Blaster”sanitizer and disinfectant and comes from a tobacco smoke free and fully vaccinated home.

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